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Stevington Enclosure Award 1807

As soon as the lock-down has eased sufficiently, the Trust will publish The Stevington Enclosure Award 1807. This will be the second work in the series Stevington Historical Documents.

The enclosure of the great mediaeval fields and the creation of many small fields with quickset hedges changed the landscape of the Village.

The book contains an explanation of why and how enclosure took place and the consequences. It also contains the full annotated text of the Award and the text of the Carlton Chellington and Stevington Enclosure Act of 1805 which enabled the Award. The Appendices show how the allotment of land by the Award Commissioners altered the holdings of individual landowners and also illustrate how the smaller farmers and cottagers lost out.

The book is spiral bound in 140 A4 pages with two A2 maps of the fields of the Pre-Enclosure Village and the Award Village.

This work is not one for the faint-hearted and, accordingly, we are printing a very short run. The cost will be £20.00. Copies can be ordered on line here (postage included) or direct from Peter Hart.

Peter Hart

01234 823586